• Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy – passenger van produced by the American company Ford Motor Company in co-operation (1st generation) with the German Volkswagen Group since 1995. Now produced a second generation model.

Ford Galaxy I was put into production in 1995 as the second of the twin models produced in co-operation Volkswagen AG with the American concern Ford Motor Company (Volkswagen Sharan, SEAT Alhambra, Ford Galaxy). Vehicle production was aborted in 2005, when it presented next Pc vehicle that was designed exclusively made by Ford stylists.

In 2000, the car past a facelift at the same time as a twin Sharan and Alhambra. Does not improve on the level of safety of the car, but the gain It has many other features that this model far more attractive y

Ford Galaxy II has been designed exclusively made by Ford and is produced in the Belgian factory in Genk since 2006.

This is a pretty different design, different than ca si not only the look of outside trznym from Galaxy MK I, but also of the interior of the three or drive units sations. In January 2010, presented version facelift.