• Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta a small car designed by plant layouts Ford of Europe, made in Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, China, India and South Africa.

Currently, this model is sold virtually at whole over the world, in Building including that of Japan, Australi, And Asia is, by a short period of Fiesta be a avaliable so small market of South America. It is one of the most successful cars Ford with more than ten million copies sold into the side and more than 35-year-old a tradition which makes this model one of the longest in small cars produced today.

Fiesta is produced continuously since 1976, the current version is already SEVEN ods him this model. Each looks at them in the Greater or lesser extent rests on the predecessor, the new s only better solve a technical range of engines and look through what each looks at a new expose the more perfect it is in pursuit to the idea uw-class small cars.

In the early seventies, the demand for small cars from consumers strongly rose. Competition wypu Those on a market model cars “urban” Fiat 127, Renault 5 and Peugeot 104 Small, easy to drive and park in crowded cities. The effects of the energy crisis of 1973 these wp renowned small increase in demand. To be able to co of contest market with competition, Ford needed to a small car with which he can be input on the market. After research and many prototypes, project called “Bobcat” (“Rice”) to ready and standing up databases new car Ford “Fiesta”. After years of speculation by the press automobiles about a new car Ford, Ford pulled by another competitor, the German concern Volkswagen (VW Polo/Audi 50) will presentation of the Fiesta at the end of 1975.

Seventh generation Fiesta, offered now in Poland, is a highly developed conceptual model of moths called Verve.

The resulting based on the Ford Fiesta MK3. Produced and modernized at the same time Fiestas not in 1991-2002. To available in three varieties, as freight van, pregnant arowo-passenger station wagon and pick-up.

With the Fiesta, the Courier pass most of the elements, some have been adapted to transport needs. This model he can Scroll Cargo of volumetric those 2.8 m3, and his entire total payload up was a 588kg.

Ford Fiesta I was presented at the end of 1975. Production will begin background in 1976, and the finish is up a Six years later, in 1983. Auto occur Serious about a 3-door hatchback and panel van. Fiesta I occur Serious with five petrol units into the side drive Sations – 1.0 with power 40 and 45hp, 1.1/53hp, 1.3/66hp and a powerful engine with a capacity of 86 hp, for which speed the maximum is with 171km/h All engines co-worked with 4-s Gears box manual. In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 1977 Car busy 3 position (For 3500 Rover and Audi 100 C2).

Ford Fiesta II to produced by six years. From 1983 to 1989. Auto occur Serious oz six into the side petrol engines – 1.0 with a capacity from 40 to 45hp, 1.1 with power 50-53hp, 1.3/66-69hp, 1.4/73 and 1.6-liter 84 -96hp and diesel 1.6-liter 54hp. Auto as its predecessor occur Serious about only as a 3-door hatchback.

Ford Fiesta III to produced from 1989 to 1996. occur car serious as 3 – and 5-door hatchback. Fiesta III laugh and very wide gam petrol engine with a capacity of altitude from 1.1 to 1.8 liters and power outputs from 50 to 130hp. Under the hood car he can find up 1.8 diesel with 60hp and 1.8-liter turbodiesel engine 75 hp. In 1994, the car passed minor cosmetic changes (modified, small rear exterior – similar to those in the Mondeo, as amended font name of the model, and a little burn her will up front bumper with a long and narrow oval), airbag and more frequently comes up a in the options fitted down. Despite the release of the next generation, in 1995, was a produced a to October 1996 as the Fiesta Classic.

In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 1990 model hare 3 position (For Citroen XM and Mercedes SL).

Ford Fiesta IV to produced from the end of 1995 to the autumn of 1999. Auto occur serious about the 3 – and 5-door hatchback. Under the hood Fiesta fourth-generation can With strewn up five drive units with official – three petrol and two diesel half. Petrol engines had a small capacity from 1.25 to 1.4 liters and power outputs from 50 to 90hp. Diesels are known from the previous generation 1.8 engines with outputs from 60 to 75hp. Silhouette of a car – though close to its predecessor, it was a tight rounded alga. Model twin niaczym Fiesta IV be a Mazda 121

Ford Fiesta V to produced in the years 1999 – 2002 by Business Ford. Auto occur Serious head version of the 3 – and 5-door hatchback and as a sedan in India. Units nap Ent s the same as in the previous version, but you up 103-hp gasoline engine with a capacity of more modern line with the 1.6L Zetec-S. Allows you on this lightweight vehicle to rozp take up from 0 to 100km/h in 9.9 secondsin relation to the model of an earlier changed was the front man body to give modern car a lighter look d In addition, the amended have been these bumpers, and designs rim wheels. Outside Europe model Ford Fiesta V because of the rather cosmetic changes compared to the previous version is treated as a facelift model IV.

Ford Fiesta VI to produced in the years 2002 – 2008 by Business Ford. Auto occur Serious about a 3 – 5-door hatchback on the market and the American and Brazilian as a sedan. Finest VI is characterized by a wide range of drive units with official. In this expose the hands Fiesta has started to be equipment strewn with modern diesel units TDCi AD. On the basis of the car was established Fusion. Lifting carried out in autumn 2005.

Ford Fiesta VII is produced since 2008. The characteristic features the car is aggressive and striking design. In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 2009 model hare 2 position (For Opel Insignia ‘).