• Ford Falcon

Ford Falcon the car belongs to the segment E, produced since 1960 by the Australian branch Ford.

In the years 1960-1971 to This model developed by the American branch Ford and produced with minor amendments to the Australian market. In the United States ceased production of the Falcon in 1970 and running from the XA series introduced in 1972, each one model was designed and manufactured in full leaf in Australia.

Made exclusively 7th generation Ford Falcon have been produced in more than 3 000 000 copies. In 2007, the average sale than 3000 cars a month and a hand. Virtually all copies have been sold in Australia and New Zealand.

Luxury versions currently produced model Falcon, defined generally as a series of lane G, s produced under the names Ford G6, G6E and G6E Turbo. Other models developed in Australia based on a Ford Falcon Futura, Ford Fairmont, Ford Landau, Ford Fairlane and Ford LTD. I do not However, already they produced.