• Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer Average trade SUVs sold mostly in North America, produced by the Ford Motor Company. Today is produced in Louisville (formerly in Saint Louis, until the closing factory 10 March 2006). Since its debut is the best-selling embracing up Middle-SUV in the United States. To these vehicle, which caused, small SUVs with car specialist standing up one of the most popular cars on the road.

Ford Explorer debuted in March 1990 as a 1991 model year. Equipped with rosy to in 4.0-liter, 155-horse V6. In 1993, the added 15hp, looking in a total output of 170hp. Also available to a small 5 – and 3-door body, a drive on the back or both axles, 5 versions supplied down (XL, XLT, Sport only Explorer Sport, Eddie Bauer and Limited Edition only 5d). Version “Limited” you want to communicate added in 1993, the standard embraced by elements such as leather upholstery, compass, roof damper automatically snake mitted light, light fog, special wheels (33×12.5 R15) or a special grill.

The second generation debuted background in 1995 the 210-hp, 5.0-liter Windsor V8, 4-speed automatic 4R70W and standing drive on four wheel louse Y composition equipment down in 1996 In 1997 more powerful, 205-hp SOHC, 5-speed automatic transmission 5R55E and jewelry mildew signed mark Mercury Mountaineer.

In 2001 he entered the market Explorer Sport Trac, which for 4 “of usual” door SUV is, a typical for pick-up, pitch.

In the U.S., the second generation Explorer turned up a a huge success, Ford has decided to so you sell it so small in other countries of the world. Lying was adopted you in the UK, where people bought SUVs g mainly in order to move up them in the field. Meanwhile Explorer to designed more for comfortable driving in the city and on the highways. The British remained so the Land Rover at, jeeps, or approaching complex dimensions, a more traditional station wagon. After the hand opotach tires Firestone, Ford withdraws This model of most of the countries you the world.

4-door Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer deluxe version have been in 2002, completely modernized, loosing any resemblance stylistic Ranger and Explorer Sport Trac continued. Added these third row of seats, Explorer standing up so the seven-car. In 2002, the last time you can be on ordered box manual and 5-door body. Offered the following with which versions featuring a second after: base Sport Value, Sport Choice, XLS, Sport Premium, XLT, Eddie Bauer and tops Limited.

The fourth-generation Explorer is slightly Greater than previous versions, because new Ford Freestyle ranked up dimensionally between him and compact Escape’m. On the occasion of modified interior and rear suspension, and were also introduced electrically folded third row of seats. In contrast to previous generations, not going to be produced version designed for markets with left-hand drive. Ford Australia has developed your own model SUV Territory. In Japan it is sold Explorer of the steering wheel left, as small in the background cars are not there seen as vehicles prestigious.

210-horse V6 engine is essential; more powerful, 292-horse V8 (straight from the Mustang) is available and surcharges are applicable.

The new Explorer busy second place in the North American Truck of the Year in 2006. overtake with him Honda Ridgeline.

Ford Explorer Sport is a 3-door version of the Explorer, produced from 1991 to 2003.

Under the view of technical demos very similar to the 5-door, 3-door version equipped with padded be in for a drive on both the wheel and the rear, as well as on all four. Replace with a kind of Ford Bronco II, from which be and these somewhat the Greater. A modified version of Explorer Sport be and sold by Mazdas as Navajo.

As larger one Explorer, Explorer Sport was in 1995, completely modernized. The rear part on the other hand was a “pin up kszona” in 1998 due to decreasing more popular those 3-door SUV ALW, in 2003, this model was no longer manufactured. Replace with It is a 5-door Escape.

The second generation (before face-facelift)

In February 2007 the Ford on the market the American sales 12 971 units of the fourth generation of the Explorer. This means that 26.1% decrease compared to February 2006 (sold was 17 559 units). At the same time not lose Explorer title best-selling appearing a SUV Ford, replace with it Escape (1417 pieces more).

The model of this car was used for the first part of “Jurassic Park” as the car cruise