• Ford Eifel

The car model Ford Eifel was the successor to the Ford Cologne 1935-1940 Cologne-Niehl of the German Ford Motor Company AG (from 1939: Ford-Werke AG) and manufactured 1937-1939 in Hungary.

There was a car model with three-speed gearbox and four-cylinder side-valve engine (1172 cm3, 34 PS/25 kW at 4250/min).

The production was the Ford Eifel in different body shapes (eg, as a sedan with two doors, a convertible with two or four seats, a roadster and as a pickup truck).

Ford Germany built since 1931 in Cologne, cars, beginning in 1933, the small, specially designed for European models. The Ford Eifel became the best-selling model in Germany. The sales figures again subjected to, as different body styles from 1937 by German companies, such as Karmann, Car Manufactory Stoewer, body Hebmller, Barmen, Drauz works, Heilbronn, Ambi-Budd, Berlin, glasses-body, Dresden, Hornig & Co., Meerane or Gebrder Ihle Bruchsal were produced. A total of 61,495 Ford Eifel emerged, more than half of the total Ford production in Cologne since 1933. Today there are still about 237 Ford Eifel, of which about 10% are not ready to drive or be restored.

In the UK and Spain was 1934-1937 of nearly identical Ford Model C Junior.