• Ford Econoline

Ford E-Series family cars and trucks manufactured by companies Ford since 1961, akin to the F-Series pickups. Formation car whether these to processed in a number of special versions, m.in: ambulance, bus, police car, the car transmission or camper.

The first generation was based on a model Falcon, laugh and compete for the job with version Chevrolet Corvair van. To drive a court has availability to small three units R6, mover moved to by 3-Gears box manual on the wheel and the rear. Production this version of the finish was taken up in 1967.

The second generation sold to be in the years 1968-1974. Change up appearance of the body, the range of drive units with official they joined Petrol V8 engine. The next generation produced be until 1991. Avaliable be in the variant with short or d a long wheelbase (motherboard under resting Ford VN body). For engines Whether a small two diesel units Half. The fourth generation is sold since 1992.