• Ford Deluxe

The Ford Deluxe was a car model of Ford that was built from 1941 1942 as middle trim level, parallel to the standard models and Super Deluxe. After the Second World War, there lived in 1946 1948 again, but as a cost-effective equipment variant. After a year break, the Deluxe was in 1950 1951, parallel to the better-equipped Custom Deluxe, available again.

In September 1940, Ford unveiled the successor to the V8 with either the well-known V8 engine with 3621cc and 90hp (66 kW) at 3.800/min. or a new six-cylinder in-line engine with 3,700cc displacement and the same power, but even at 3.300/min.

The deluxe set is the middle trim level and was 2 – or 4-door sedan, 2-door coupe with 3 or 4 seats or 5-door station wagon available.

In the following year the cars were built further without major changes. Overall, in two years 299 855 Deluxe emerged.

In September 1945, the first post-war models were presented. The Deluxe corresponded substantially to the pre-war model, but presented after elimination of the Special the cheapest variant is received and a revised grille. The V8 engine was enlarged to 3916cc and 100hp carried now (74 kW) at 3.800/min. The wagon was dropped.

In 1947 there were no changes. 1948 was the six-cylinder engine with the same capacity from 5hp more.

In three years, created 223 232 Deluxe. In the following year the Ford series replaced the Deluxe for a year.

In 1950, the easiest Ford Deluxe was time. The already established it in 1949 pontoon was adopted without major changes. Technically, there were also no changes.

In model year 1951, the globe disappeared in the radiator grille and was replaced by two rocket-shaped horns. Also there were other taillights.

Overall, the Deluxe series of 3 608 986 was built times. The following year, the Main Line replaced the Deluxe.