• Ford Custom

Ford Custom name being used for the models produced and sold by the Ford Motor Company in the United States and Canada since the 30s of the twentieth century until 1972.

For models with a vintage 1949 Custom name being used be for the best-equipped and complex Ford vehicles. In 1950, these vehicles Cechowa piled up wheelbase 2895.6 mm long Body is with less than a small 4999 mm. In the same year the name changed to Custom Deluxe. Next PNA renaming laughing and place 1952, a vehicle called the Customline, the range of Ford cars have ranked up it in between the new model Mainline and Crestline.

Ford returns Custom name in 1957 with now series Custom models 300, the vehicle was located up in a range of Ford models below Fairlane and Fairlane models 500. In 1958 Custom 300 standing up basic model of the Ford, but has been scrubbed 300 series in 1960.

In 1964 the name of the Custom was again at a board for model 500 last yearbook Custom models Custom and Custom 500 by 1972.