• Ford Consul

The Ford Consul Classic Ford Consul or 315 (export version) was a mid-size car, the Ford England from 1961 to 1963 produced. The engine code was 109E or 116E.

As the more popular Ford Anglia had the car an inclined against the direction of the rear window, but overall was larger. Mechanically corresponded to the Consul Classic to the Anglia, where he was provided with slightly larger Ford Kent engine with 1340cc and 1498cc. The vehicles had front disc brakes and a fully synchronized four-speed transmission (in the 1.5-l Version). The front wheels were independently suspended by MacPherson struts, while the driven rear rigid axle was performed on semi-elliptic springs.

Auf dem Consul Classic (315) basierte auch of Hardtop-Coup顃onsul Capri (335) (1961 64).

1963, the Consul Classic was replaced by the Ford Corsair, a total of 111.225 units were built.

17 of them built by the Ford dealer Hughes Limited in Nairobi in Kenya to station wagons. One of these vehicles was introduced to the UK and exists to this day in southeast England.