• Ford 7W

The Ford 7W (or even Ford Ten) was lower middle class car produced by the British branch of the Ford from 1937 to 1938.

The Ford 7W, along with the Ford 7Y, was one of the first cars to be completely designed and developed in Great Britain. It was introduced in March 1937 and is recognizable thanks to its tripartite mask and a long wheelbase. Technically it was the most advanced of the Model C which replaced having four main Girling brakes. The body was completely new and together with the long wheelbase guaranteed a good habitability. The 7W was available in two four-door variants family sedan and two-door in the fitting deluxe, with the possibility of having or not having a sunroof.

The 7W mounted the same engine displacement of 1,172cc Model C. The front and rear axles were suspended by leaf springs, while the brakes were placed on all four wheels and were built by Girling.

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