• Ford 300

The Ford 300 was a car model of the American automaker Ford The model was produced only in 1963 and ran in Dearborn assembly line. Of 300 1964 was replaced by the Custom series.

The Ford 300 was launched as a low-end model of the Ford Galaxie on the market and had, in contrast to this, almost no chrome trim and no luxury amenities. Often, the Ford 300 were ordered by the police or the taxi company because they were U.S. $ 100 cheaper than the easiest-equipped Galaxy sedans. They recognized the car in a 300 Ford Character to both the front fenders behind the wheel cut-and FORD in small Chrome letters on the trunk lid (instead GALAXY). Usually it was the only vehicles as 2 – or 4-door sedans, but was also a hatchback coupe available on special request.

A special Ford 300 was sold as a two-door sedan Tasca motor in Providence (Rhode Iceland). He had the chrome fittings of the Ford Galaxy and the XL models and was available with interesting two-color paintwork.

A total of 70 152 copies of the Ford created 300

The Ford 300 was offered as a two-or four-door notchback sedan and two-door hatchback coupe as.

Smallest available engine was a six-cylinder in-line engine had a displacement of 3654 cm Ó and a maximum of 103 kW (138hp) at 4200 rpm made. There was also a V8 engine with 4736cc and 145 kW (195hp) at 4400 rpm, and a big block V8 engine, the FE series, the 427er under the name (which is the engine capacity, measured in cubic inches) with 6997cc displacement and 317 kW (425hp) at 6000 rpm power was available. In conjunction with a manual gearbox is so equipped cars were often used in drag racing because they were very light.

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