• Datsun 200SX

His first show was held in 1977. Nissan in the United States still had the Datsun name. Auto too is sold because the Japanese still did not have the dominance of the car market as it is today found in North America. This model is designated S10. There were also copies of the 2.4 engine, Datsun 240Z marked as that is the ancestor of the current Nissan 350Z.

In 1980 the car changed completely – S110 series has been sold in Europe and Japan as Silvia, Australia and New Zealand as Gazelle, and Mexico as Sakura. Offered coupe – hatchback and the "notch" of the so-called. hardtop. In 1981-82 200SX sold in the United States have Z20E engine with a capacity of two liters, a hundred horse power and four cylinders. The years 1982 to 1983 is an increase in engine capacity to 2.2 liters, increasing power to 102 horses and change the markings on Z22E. The car sold very well for a long time and can still meet on the road.

In 1984 he introduced a series of S12. Again, the total change the appearance of the car. 200SX owned it until 1989 when it changed it in the U.S. for S13 240SX determined. Some copies of this generation got a new engine designated CA18DET – with a capacity of 1.8 supercharged turbine, having the power of 169 horses. In 1987 he was offered the SE model, which had a very powerful engine with a capacity of 3.0 liter (SOHC V6 with 160 horses). This engine also had the first generation Nissan 300ZX. In the same year managed to increase power to 165 horses, which later became a sign of the end of the production S12.

S13 – This model was offered in Europe as a 200SX, was powered by a 1.8 liter (DOHC) CA18DET, supercharged turbine, with two power options – 169 (Europe) and 175 (Japan) horses. In some markets 180SX have the name, whereas in the U.S. was 240SX liter 2.4 liter without a turbine. In 1993 he released a new generation – S14 with the 2.0 liter SR20DET. And three years later was presented 220 horse-S14A, which practically ended the series 200SX. In Japan, the S13 model was produced in parallel with the version of S14 to 1998. Japanese version in addition to the steering wheel on the right side differed dashboard, also offered a variant of the HUD display, electronic controls and air vents and Airbag.

Only in 2000, came to light limited S15 Silvia 200SX labeled as.