• Datsun 180B/180B SSS

The Nissan Bluebird (original Datsun Bluebird) is a 1957-2001 built middle-class car of the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan.

The Datsun Bluebird was offered from 1972 also in Germany and in 1983, by setting the Datsun brand in export, the Nissan Bluebird, which was replaced in 1990 by the Nissan Primera. After that there was in Germany no other Nissan cars, bearing the name "Blue Bird". In other countries, however, there were still vehicles that were sold under the name "Blue Bird". In the summer of 2001, the name was on the Japanese home market, as already in the export, abandoned; but there were for some time the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy, who has carried on the name. In Taiwan, however, the model will still continue to be offered as Bluebird and there manufactured by Yulon Motor Company. Initially, the model was built there under its own brand name Yue Loong, where he was one of the most successful models. Nevertheless, the model 1971 for the next eight years with a different model, the Yue Loong VIP Brougham was replaced. First there under Nissan brand names offered Bluebird model came in 1992 on the market. For the Yulon manufactured models different generation designations are used, the number of the appendix of the name and the prefix abbreviation of the manufacturer’s name, so YLN, arise.

Over time, there were the following model series:

The Datsun 210 was introduced in 1957, the successor to the Datsun 110 The 3.80-meter-long, 930kg heavy four-door had a one-liter four-cylinder with lateral camshaft and 34 SAEhp, plus front and rear rigid axle and drum brakes all round. It was offered as early as 1958 in the U.S. and other export markets as the Datsun 1000; 52 copies were sold in the U.S. in the first year. As a Datsun 114 was in October 1957 a cheaper version of the 210 offered. This had a different grille and used the old 860cc 19kw/25PS Nissan D10 engine from the Datsun 110 As of October 1958, the Datsun 211 was built, the 210 replaced the with a larger rear window and slightly redesigned front. As a Datsun 115 with the same engine but now with 20 kW/27hp, it replaced the 114. Especially equipped versions of the 210 and 211 were referred to as the Datsun Bluebird. From 1959 the model in the domestic market was then officially on Bluebird.

As of 1959, the now officially called Datsun Bluebird PL310 complemented the model program. He was slightly larger than the more built PL210 (wheelbase + 6 cm, length + 3 cm) and was powered by a 1.2-liter OHV four-cylinder with 48hp SAE. Since the bike was a bit more flexible than the one-liter of 1000, tipped the Datsun Bluebird with a three instead of a four-speed gearbox, and also he got a front suspension wishbone link. Apart from the four-door sedan was offered a three-door station wagon and a pick-up.

The PL410 grew in size again by a few centimeters (length approximately 4 meters) and received a stronger 1.2-liter engine (55 to 60hp SAE). In the four-door sedan and five-door station wagon offer were either 3 – or 4-speed manual transmission and leaf-sprung rear live axle. A small facelift in 1965 gave the Bluebird the model number PL 411

A major step forward meant the Bluebird Series PL 510 (in the U.S. Datsun 510 called). Him gave it as a sedan, station wagon and, more recently, as a coupe, plus he received front disc brakes, independently suspended rear wheels and the 1.6-liter four-cylinder overhead camshaft from the sports car Datsun Fairlady (71 kW/96hp), plus a four-speed transmission or to request a three-speed automatic. In some markets, a 81 kW/110hp SAE strong sports variant called Bluebird SSS offered.

Achieved, particularly in the U.S., this Bluebird generation as a small sports sedan considerable appeal. In Germany, the newly created Nissan importer PL 510 offered 1972/73 under the name Datsun in 1600 deLuxe (59 kW/80 PS) exclusively as a sedan for DM 8890. In Australia, however, the model rolled out in all of the model as the Datsun 1600 from the tape.

On the deliberately simple and edgy designed PL 510 PL 610 followed (in the export Datsun 1600, Datsun 160, Datsun 180B and Datsun 610 in the U.S. called) with a roundish body in the American style, the sedan, coupe and station wagon with 1.6 – and 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine was offered in a variety of guises.

In Germany there was the PL610 from 1973 under the name Datsun 180B (Sedan/Wagon) and 180B SSS (Coupe) with 1.8 liters of displacement (65 kW/88hp Coupé 66 kW/89hp) at a price of DM 9850 to 10.990. In the fall of 1975 was a facelift with changes to grille, tail lights and interior, the coupe received a five-speed gearbox.

When PL810 it was a visually heavily revised PL610 (designation in the U.S. Datsun 810).

In Germany, the PL810 as the Datsun 180B Bluebird of August 1977 was again sold to May 1980 as a sedan, coupe and station wagon with the well-known 1.8-liter engine, the (66 kW) made two extra hp with twin carburettor system in the coupe with 90hp than in the sedan. The prices in 1977 amounted to DM 12390-13390. In Australia, he was known as the Datsun 200B. At the same time he was also built in New Zealand, where he in expansion Engine as the Datsun 160B, Datsun 180B or 200B Datsun had been named.

In May 1980, the youngest Bluebird 910 series debuted in Germany (USA back Datsun 810). The program included a four-door sedan, a two-door hardtop coupe (up to 1982) and a five-door station wagon called Bluebird Traveller. The engines were unchanged from the previous (in Japan there was also a turbo and a two-liter variant, other European countries also have a 1.6-liter and in the U.S. under the name Datsun Maxima also a Six-cylinder version).

In 1981, an additional two-liter diesel with 44kW/60 PS in the German program. Prices were 1980 DM 13795-14795, the diesel version cost at launch from DM 16,160.

Introduced in Japan in April 1984 and in Germany in 1983 Bluebird U11 Bluebird was the first front-wheel drive. The two-liter petrol or diesel engines were transversely at the front. In Japan continued to 1,6 – and 1,8-liter four-cylinder, also with turbocharger, Stocked. Prices began in 1984 at DM 17,200.

Rear view of the Bluebird Traveller

The Bluebird Series T 12 was implemented in the UK by the Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd.. prepared at Washington European version of the related with the Bluebird Nissan Stanza.

The introduction on the German market in the spring of 1986. The technique corresponded to the Bluebird U 11 New offer was a five-door hatchback.

In 1988 a facelift (T 72). From the spring of 1989 was offered as a top model in the Bluebird Grand Prix with 2 liter 8V engine and 75 kW/102 PS or 1.8-liter 16V engine and 93 kW/129 PS (from DM 27,345).

End of 1990, the Bluebird in Europe was replaced by the Nissan Primera.

In Taiwan, the European version of the Bluebird was produced under the name Yue Loong Feeling and entered at the same time in two generations, the latter of which was actually just a facelift version. YLN-101 was available as a four-door sedan and five-door station wagon and hatchback. From the interior and the design, these models were similar to those which were offered in Europe. At the same time ranged from 1986, the YLN-102, which the sports and Luxury model of the model series was. Features were in addition to the luxurious interior, which were taken over by the Japanese Stanza, the aggressive design of YLN-102-generation models. Thus, the headlights were bent to 45 ° at the upper part outside of the vehicle to obtain a sporty appearance. Furthermore, Yulon used in the YLN-102 tinted spotlights at the rear, the plastic covering in addition the vehicle in connection with the Wheels and the rear spoiler made more aggressive. A similar design turned Ford also later on in his Mustang s.

Rear view

Nissan Bluebird Saloon (1988-1990)

While in Europe the U 11 by a derivation of the Nissan Stanza, as to the type number T 12 can be seen, was replaced, there was in Japan and elsewhere, a new "real" Bluebird with the type number U 12 It was a revised U 11, which was sold as a stage and hatchback and station wagon, in Japan as a hardtop saloon without B-pillars. In Australia, the U 12 as the second generation of the Nissan Pintara was in the U.S. as Nissan Stanza offered. The engines ranged from 1.6 to 2.4 liters, the first time there were also versions with all-wheel drive.

The Bluebird U13 remained Japan, Asia and (to 1992 again under the name Nissan Stanza, replaced by the Nissan Altima) the United States reserved. The U 13 there was only a four-door sedan with or (as Bluebird ARX) without B-pillars, with four cylinders from 1.6 to two liters and with front-or all-wheel drive. During the regular Bluebird was rather angular shaped possessed the ARX rounder lines.

The Bluebird U 13 is built around 2001 by Dongfeng Motor in China in further developed form under license.

The last sold in Japan Bluebird was the U14, exclusively as a four-door notchback sedan with 1,8 – or two-liter engines available.

After the expiry of the U 14, there was the traditional name Bluebird in Japan only at the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy, the first generation but a class was located below the last Blue Bird; the second generation is comparable in size with the U 14.

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