• Chrysler Voyager/Grand Voyager

Chrysler Voyager known in the domestic market as the Town & Country is one of the most popular cars of the segment of large MPVs, produced in five generations by Chrysler. Since 1988, only as a model of short wheelbase (SWB – short wheelbase) offered for 2008, ie until the debut of the new generation, which is offered only in the long version of the Grand. Incarnation model years 1988 – 2000 were twinned versions of the Plymouth Voyager.

The European version of the Chrysler Voyager was first shown in 1988, four years later, after the show on the domestic market an identical version for North America – Plymouth Voyager. The only difference was the front and rear lights and a barbecue. Already from the first generation beyond slight changes offer the European version of the Chrysler Voyager, which was sold with other engines, including diesel engines, which are very popular in Europe. Others were also interior trim and upholstery. These cars were also available with a manual gearbox and handbrake in the form of additional pedal on the left.

The second generation model has gained quite a bit of recognition Europeans and today you can see her on the European streets in better or worse condition, but still only its third generation of this car enjoyed real success in the Old Continent, and so it remained at two subsequent generations. The third incarnation of the Voyager was offered in the United States traditionally not only as a Plymouth Voyager, but also as a longer and more prestigious version under the name Chrysler Town & Country.

With the fourth-generation model due to the withdrawal from the market of the brand Plymouth Voyager is sold on the domestic market not as a luxury version of the Plymouth Voyager as the third generation, but only under the name Chrysler Town & Country. The latest generation of the Voyager, specifically the fifth, is offered only in the long version of the Grand, both in Europe and in America, where the car is called Town & Country. In Europe, the car bore the name of Voyager in 2011 already, but Only Grand Voyager. In the U.S., the name of the car remains unchanged.

At the end of 2010 only model Town & Country in the latest incarnation has undergone a facelift body relies on the grill with a fresh new brand logo, new bumpers, rear lights and the other a completely new interior. Model will go on sale (in the U.S.) in early 2011. The European version will also be modernized, but under the wings of Lancia Lancia Voyager as a model.

On the European market the Grand Voyager will cease after 23 years, to be offered as a Chrysler, and since mid-2011, will be sold with a different grille, new style Lancia Lancia Voyager as like the Chrysler 200 and 200 Convertible, and the latest incarnation of the Chrysler 300 Premiere slightly modernized version of the Grand Lancia Voyager that took place at the International Motor Show in Geneva in marcu2011 year.

1st generation Voyager, European version

2nd generation Voyager, European version

3rd generation Voyager, European version

4th generation Voyager, Grand Voyager version, European version

In Europe, the Voyager officially you could buy only as a Chrysler, but in the U.S. since 1984, simultaneously with the model Plymouth Voyager, and now model Chrysler Town & Country today is offered in parallel twin in all respects with the stamp Dodge variety known as the Dodge Caravan and Dodge Grand Caravan. The only difference is in the spirit of a different grill and different pattern Dodge taillights. In Europe, you can meet some of the generations of model by importing from the U.S.. Officially Caravana could never officially buy the Old Continent.

The latest generation of Caravana offered in parallel since 2008, passed as a prototype is only offered with the nickname "Grand", at the end of 2010 than at the same time car Town & Country lifting body consisting of new bumpers, grills, new shaped rear lamps, as well as a completely new interior.

Since 2008, under an agreement with Volkswagen created twin models Town & Country and Volkswagen Routan Caravan model, which is offered exclusively in the U.S. and Canada, where it is produced. It differs quite significantly from the American twins – has a different front referring to the model of the Tiguan and the other backward and slightly upgraded interior. So far, VW does not provide for the modernization of the car.