• Chrysler Stratus

Dodge Stratus (along with twin models of Chrysler Cirrus, Chrysler, Plymouth Breeze and GAZ Volga Siber in the United States called colloquially "Cloud Cars") is a mid-size 4-door sedan, presented for the first time in 1995. It is based on the platform I chryslerowskiej. Between 1996 and 1997, Stratus, Breeze, and Cirrus were on the list of the ten best cars Car and Driver magazine. Production of this model ended in May 2006. In plants Sterling Heits built since 2000 1308123 Stratusów and Sebringów. Well-worn Stratus was replaced in 2007 Dodge Avenger.

Dodge Stratus, was an indirect offer of three cars based on the platform of JA. Cirrus was a top model, and the lower option Breeze. Stratus was first presented in 1995 in two trim levels: SE, with the 2.0 L R4 standard, or SOHC 2.4 L R4 as an option, and ES, with the 2.4 L DOHC engine as standard, and an optional 2.5 L V6. The battery was placed in an unusual location, inside the left front fender. The easiest access to the battery are obtained images ™ ™ after five left-wheel, but this is not necessary.

All three cars have many common parts. From the outside, were very similar, differ practically only the front air intake grilles, rear bumpers and lights, and the size of the wheels. Most of the differences were in the interior.

All three variants of the JA platform were available with similar pieces of equipment, such as a four-automatic transmission, ABS, adjustable steering wheel, cruise control, electrically raised windows, central locking, electrically adjustable driver’s seat, leather upholstery, air conditioning, automatic antenna, 6-disc changer, sunroof, remote central locking, alarm, etc. The five-speed manual transmission was available with the 2.0 L. These cars, unfortunately, did not have equipment that can be found in higher-end models, Intrepid or Accord, which include navigation or automatic air conditioning.

Turbocharged version of the Stratus was sold in Mexico, with a 2.4 liter DOHC R4 and four-speed automatic transmission with AutoStick option. This car had 170 hp (125 kW) at 5200 RPM and 293 NM at 2200 rpm.

Stratus was sold in Europe, with engines 2.0 L and 2.5 L V6, as the Chrysler Stratus, however, retained the initial appearance of Dodge-a (distinctive grill with a cross). Other differences consisted, among others for use in the European version of the folding rear-view mirrors, electrically adjustable front lights, rear fog lamps, etc. offered in Europe Chrysler Stratus Convertible was nothing but renamed Sebring Convertible model first generation, which is true coexist on the Stratus, Cirrus and Breeze many mechanical parts, but it was based on a completely different patformie JX.

In 2001, Stratus was the only representative of the family "Cloud Cars". Chrysler Cirrus renamed Sebring and the Breeze went out of production. After stopping by the Dodge-a production model coupé Avenger (which was built based on the platform of the second generation Mitsubishi Eclipse) the company decided to rebrand its new Stratus Coupe, built on the third generation Eclipse platform. This gave the name of the two cars, two-drzwiowemu coupe and 4-drzwiowemu the sedan, but not united them nothing but the name and number of external details (which, however, allowed to sell them as one car). Chrysler also gave the name of his new Sebring coupe, despite the fact that it was connected it with the Sebring sedan absolutely nothing. During this time, also stopped selling Dodge Stratus in Canada.

Stratus and Sebring sedans for the second generation I used the upgraded platform, now called JR. Coupe models under the same names were entirely other cars – based on the Mitsubishi Eclipse.

At that time, sales have decreased, customer rating and automotive magazines was below average for this class of cars. In 2004 he made minor stylistic car, which, however, did not change this trend. After 2005, the production line disappeared coupé, while the Stratus came out of production in May 2006. It survived only the name of Sebring.

In Mexico, there was a turbocharged version of the Stratus R/T. Its engine 2.4 L were some improvements in 2001, raising the power to 215 hp. This engine will be used later in the United States in a car Dodge SRT-4. Engines Stratus R/T built in the period from March 2004 had 228 hp at 5200 rpm and 319 NM torque at 4200 rpm. Stratus R/T turbo can be identified by marking the "High Output" the back of the car.

Although the Stratus was still on sale in 2006, but was not shown among other Dodge models during the past exhibitions automotive.

Dodge Stratus third generation, along with Chrysler Sebring, from 2007 or 2008 will be produced in Russia, and sold under the Russian brand. License and production line were sold in April 2006 to Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, to which the GAZ plant in Nizhny Novgorod, which builds the Volga cars. Price was about $ 151 million. The new factory is expected to produce more than 65,000 cars a year. Czterocylidrowe engines will be produced in Mexico and purchased from Chrysler.