• Chrysler Norseman

The Chrysler Norseman was a concept car commissioned in 1954 and completed in 1956 by Chrysler.

The Chrysler Norseman was a concept car from Chrysler wanted to be presented at car shows that would be held in 1957. Was developed in October 1954 by American fashion designer Virgil Exner – a member of the Advanced Styling Group Chrysler – Ghia of Turin in the body based on the Lincoln Futura. After the implementation of a 1:4 model, the project was approved and the concept was assembled in the 15 months thereafter. Once completed, the car was boarded July 17, 1956 at the port of Genoa on the ocean liner Andrea Doria, which was bound for New York.

Spurred by the Swedish ship Stockholm, taking the liner sank to the bottom of the sea also the case with the prototype. The Chrysler Norseman was never rebuilt and has not yet been able to recover from the hold of the wreck.

The Chrysler Norseman presented many innovative technical solutions to time, including a body completely made of aluminum and completely closed at the bottom to increase the aerodynamics of the whole, without a roof steering columns and pillars which employed the system Vistotal and an interior completely in a day, which included a rear window retractable roof cavity.

Also featured several of automatism, which are also very innovative for its time which stood between the electrically adjustable seats, retractable automatic headlights, automatic retractable rear window, the filler sticking out on command, automatic transmission with steering wheel controls, lighting diffused light and radio housed in the center console.

The car was painted in two shades of metallic blue and the seats were partially coated with leather inserts in the panels in anodized aluminum alloy. The engine was a 5.4-liter Hemi V8 engine and 235hp.