• Chrysler Horizon

Chrysler-Simca-Talbot Horizon is an automobile introduced in October 1977 to Morocco and marketed from January 1978., It includes recipes for success of its predecessor, the Simca 1100. She won the European trophy car the year 1979.

It bears the name of Simca-Chrysler Horizon, Chrysler-Simca-Talbot Talbot Horizon Horizon and after the acquisition of Chrysler Europe by Peugeot in 1978. She gets a car title of the year in February 1979, but is a victim of the economic context morose sales declined steadily until his final sentence, first in France in 1985 and Spain in 1987, his successor, to be called Talbot Arizona, was launched in 1985, but under the name. Peugeot 309. PSA had decided meanwhile to condemn definitely its third brand.

Vintage 78 has three finishes the Horizon: the LS, GL and GLS.

The LS is equipped with the engine of Poissy 1118 cm ³, 55hp DIN, 6hp, the only engine operating range even usual. This version has the basic equipment, with retractable seat belts in the front, rear shelf and folding heated rear window.

GL is equipped with the engine of Poissy 1118cc, 59hp, 6hp, running on super. The equipment shows improved with a watch hands, a pre radio equipment, a fully upholstered doors, an odometer, a cigarette lighter, a center console…

GLS is equipped with the engine of Poissy 1294cc 68hp DIN, 7hp. This is the top model: chrome grille, head restraints in front, laminated windshield, sticks around doors, black band around the body, against door fabric, voltmeter, pressure gauge oil, H4 iodine headlights, wheel center caps in black, digital watch, light box, ceiling light with card reader… With optionally, windshield headlights, wing repeaters…

All models now have seat belts in the rear, became mandatory. Diagnostic socket also appears, and you can see on the wings monogram indicating the vehicle’s engine.

LS Engine receives Poissy 1118 cm ³ GL, running super.

GL receives Poissy Engine 1294cc GLS, or so 1294cc low compression ratio, operating usual.

GLS receives Poissy Engine 1442cc, 69hp, 7hp. She sees herself also has a rear wiper. And option, the Performance Kit: double barrel carburetor, pushing the engine 83hp.

A new finish is available with Horizon SX. It is equipped with engine Poissy 1442cc, 83hp, 7hp. The equipment is the GLS, plus an automatic three speed box, cruise control, trip computer, velor seats and hubcaps.

Then in March 1979, the emergence of the Jubilee limited series at the Car of the Year won by Horizon. It is equipped with engine SX and finishes of the GLS. She received a two-tone separated by edging paint, rims winter, a velvet interior.

The entire range features three brands: Chrysler Pentastar on the grille, hood monogram Talbot and Simca monogram on the tailgate.

LS loses its arms to the rear which are replaced by pull-down. The rear ashtrays are also deleted.

GL loses up against his door, center console, its chrome mesh on the grille.

GLS loses H4 iodine headlights are replaced by European codes.

The SX gets side moldings on the doors instead of stripes.

In March, the emergence of the limited "Special" series. This series is based on the GLS with 83hp performance kit. It receives light alloy wheels (Amil), a side and tailgate specific setting, close to the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus, a specific internal "houndstooth" enclosures of black glass and black bumpers. However, it is devoid of center console armrest in the rear seat belts and retractors rear. Three colors are available: Black Onyx (gray bars), Red Vallelunga (black stripes, white wheels), White Ibiza (black stripes and white wheels).

The entire range sees Simca and Chrysler disappear monograms, monogram Talbot is changed, the lettering is thicker. On the grille as on the steering wheel hub cover, the appearance of T circled. And models receive a 6 digit odometer.

LS does not undergo significant changes compared to the previous year.

The GL and GLS receive side protection moldings. Appearance of a GL 1442cc 65hp (economic GL). The main selling point is its low power consumption: 5.5 L/100km. This series has the distinction of having a éconoscope indicates that, depending on the speed and engine speed, if the fuel consumption is too high. In January 1981, disappearance of the GL 1.3.

S replaces the performance option GLS. It has a special decoration, it has a monogram S on the tailgate and the inscription on the S wings, black window surrounds, black bumpers, and a tachometer has linear diodes.

The whole range of new receives stalks.

S disappears from the catalog.

GL finds his center console and empty pockets in the front doors. It can accept an optional automatic 3 speed SX.

GLS is equipped with electric front windows, LED linear account of the S and optional centralized closing laps. She also receives double carburetor body kit Performance series, pushing the engine 83hp.

The SX gets electric windows and central locking 4-door series.

The Ultra is proposed. This model is based on the LS. The purpose of the Ultra boost sales of low end. It receives standard radio, alloy wheels, wide tires, seats plaid with headrests, black bumpers, and a metallic paint with black bands degraded, similar to those of the SPL.

The EX receives the engine 1442cc 65hp GL with éconoscope and equipment GLS. Then in March 1982, the emergence of the EX5. Finishing and engine are the same as the EX, but with a 5-speed gearbox (BE1/5 Original PSA), tinted windows and metallic paint.

The entire range receives black bumpers, sees its enhanced 6 cm at the rear roominess and increased trunk space by 10% through the enhancement of the rear shelf which causes the darkening of the bottom of the rear window to hide the contents of the chest that became visible from outside the vehicle. The SX is deleted from the catalog.

GLS receives a box of 5, new steel rims with covers in cells, the power steering is optional.

The EX/EX-5: Horizon EX receives a box 5, the EX box 4 is no longer offered. The EX-5 and EX do more than under the name EX.

The ULTRA loses the benefit of alloy wheels steel rims with hubcaps and its side decoration for a two-tone paint: Futura gray/gray primrose. It receives velvet seats with headrests.

LD and EXD are diesel versions of the Horizon XUD available with engine 1905cc developing 65hp original PSA. The horizon is the first to be equipped with this engine. Two finishes are available. LD based on the LS with 5 box and power steering option. The EXD based on the EX, power windows and standard 5-speed gearbox, power steering and central locking option.

Premium, an upscale Horizon is presented. It is equipped with engine Poissy 1592cc 90hp already mounted on Solara/1510. It has alloy wheels, power steering, centralized locking, rev counter diode, a digital watch, a 5-speed gearbox, seats in Tweed, a thick carpet. On the front wings, monograms "Premium" are affixed, and a logo of a crown is placed on the tailgate.

On all models, adding a warning water temperature indicator, and an indicator of water detection in oil filter on diesel versions. The entire range is now equipped with a laminated windshield. The tachometer linear diodes are replaced by digital tachometer integrated combined, instead of the oil pressure gauge. Digital watches until original Talbot are replaced by digital watches PSA (Originally 205) on the GLS and Premium, as well as pockets (originally 505) and gearshift knobs (original 504/505).

The EX and EXD lose the digital watch, in favor of a quartz watch. All models with velvet seats are assigned cloth seats.

Premium only wins, and gets the velvet seats (tweed disappears) and door trim with velvet insert (specific to the Premium). In addition, it is now equipped with a fuel tank cap locking.

Ultra loses its two-tone paint, it is now painted uniformly gray futura, with a monogram "ULTRA" at the bottom of the front fenders.

Only new this year: the limited Sherlock series based on the Horizon LS engine 1118cc, 59hp. It has a metallic paint (brown or red Tibetan Syracuse), a border cash with monogram "Sherlock" on the rear wings, crown monogram (same as Premium) on the tailgate, Solara SX trims, all windows tinted, side protection moldings, windshield washer and wiper Rear window, grille chrome. Another feature of the Sherlock black band around the glass tailgate. The interior is very "British" knob shifter wood, like the dashboard and door trim inserts. Tartan (plaid) for seats with headrests. It has series of radio equipment and a quartz watch (unlike the LS). This series is the only one to have any option.

Several developments over the whole range: The side protection moldings are wider. The circled T cache-wheel hub change. The handset also changes, it is now adorned with an orange border and marked "Horizon". The push buttons also change, they are now the same as Solara. The gear lever knobs are all original Peugeot. And as Poissy we try to reduce inventory, some models Horizon range will receive headrests perforated, plastic, from the Samba.

Diesel and EXD LD models are replaced by a single, Horizon D. The equipment is identical to that of the EXD. The EX disappears catalog

LS may receive a paper towel/washing glass tailgate, box 5 and headrest (optional).

GL is assigned a front spoiler and a 5-speed gearbox.

GLS receives cloth seats like "Sherlock", and inserts on the doors against the same tissue. The automatic 3-speed is optional.

Premium is still equipped with seats and against doors with velvet inserts, but the velvet change: it is now thicker, too pretty, but will age much worse (velvet Vidocq origin Peugeot, we find, among other things 309 SR next year).

Then June 85: Stopping the production of Horizon. Production Horizon survive in Spain until 1987, and the United States of America until 1990 for the U.S. versions (Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon).

Horizon has been marketed in the United States from 1977 under two brands, Chrysler Group: Dodge and Plymouth until 1990 until 1986 a coupe is available from 1979 to 1982 and the Dodge Omni experienced a supercharged versions. The Dodge Omni GLH | Shelby GLH-S.