• Chrysler Charger

Dodge Charger was a response to new fashion Dodge cars Muscle Cars Pontiac GTO initiated by. Charger base for a medium-sized Dodge Coronet based on the floorpan Chrysler B-body. The first model rolled off the assembly line in 1966, was characterized by a 2-door fastback body type. Charger production was completed in 1978, four generations of the model. The last one was based on the Chrysler Cordoba.

The first generation was available on the market in 1966-67. The only body styles offered a two-door fastback. Vehicle was characterized by a 180 ° revolving headlights – excluding They hid the radiator grille. On the range of motor consisted V8 Petrol: 5.2 (316) 5.9 (361) and 7.0 (426 HEMI). Created 468 copies of the 1966 vintage with 426 HEMI engine. Wheelbase Charger Generation was 2972 ​​mm, body length and 5171 mm.

For vintage 1967 prepared a set of minor changes, mainly related to the body. For added variety of engine V8 7.2 (440) Magnum 380hp (280 kW) and 654 Nm of torque, it was equipped with a 4-choke carburetor. 5.9 Unit (361) with power 269hp (170 kW) and torque 515 Nm was replaced by the larger 6.3 (383) having a capacity of 330hp (242 kW) and the maximum torque 576 Nm. The base V8 engine 5.2 (316) with 2-choke carburettors generate power of 233hp (170 kW) and maximum torque of 461 Nm. The top 426 HEMI variant was characterized by a maximum power of 431hp (317 kW) and 664 Nm of torque. The sales of vintage 1967 fell in comparison with the debut by almost half – had sold 15 788 copies.

In 1969, a whole range of models based on the floorpan Chrysler B-body has been redesigned. Chrysler used in the design of the bodywork new stylistic trend coke bottle. The interior of the vehicle has been changed. The primary source of power was the 318 V8 engine with maximum power of 233hp (172 kW) and 461 Nm of torque. V8 6.3 (383) was available in versions with 2-barrel carburetor choke (power 294hp, 529 Nm torque, and 4-choke (power 335 Hp, 576 Nm torque ). The performance version of the 426 HEMI and 440 remained unchanged. Wheelbase was 2972 ​​mm, body length and 5283 mm. Since mid-1968, R6 engine available was 3.7 (225) with a capacity of 147hp (108 kW) and 292 Nm of torque. In 1968, he presented a version of the Charger 500 – was characterized by improved aerodynamics body was available only with the V8 HEMI 440 and 426.

For the 1969 prepared a set of minor changes, the main one was stylization front grill. Power drive units remained unchanged. Core engine power source was 3.7 R6 (225). The 1969 Dodge Charger began testing a version of Daytona – it was characterized by a body with extended about 18 inches (460 mm) front part of the characteristic nose. As the primary source of propulsion served 440 V8 engine, optional 426 Hemi was available.

Year 1970 was characterized ™ przestylizowanym belt up front bodywork and slightly disconnected> wieĹĽonym interior ™ three. News> string… was a V8 version of the 440 Six-Pack equipped with an engine of 396hp (291 kW) and 664 Nm of torque powered by three 2-mouth profiles gaĹşniki.

The third generation Charger debuted as the year 1971. Was characterized completely new body with a two-part radiator grille. Retractable headlights disappeared from the list of standard equipment, however, were still available as an option. In the same year there was a merge lines Charger and Coronet. All 4-door Dodge vehicles based on the floorpan B-Body received the name of Coronet 2-Door and Charger. It was the last year of the engine 426 HEMI. Wheelbase was 2921 mm, body length and 5217 mm. Due to the rapid increase in fuel prices and insurance rates began to gradually decrease the power drive units. Engine output declined 5.2 318 to 157hp (118 kW), torque to 352 Nm. Version 6.3 383 4-barrel carburetor choke generate 253hp (186 kW) and 440 Nm, the carburetor choke 2 and 193hp (142 kW) and 414 Nm. The weakest variant accomplished 225 3.7 R6 112hp (82 kW) i 251 NM, wersja 426 HEMI produkowała 335 KM (246 kW) i 529 NM, 7.2 zaś 440 309 KM (227 kW) i 542 NM. Pojazd corocznie poddawany był drobnym zmianom, you wersję 1972 R/T zastąpiono przez pakiet "Rallye".

The fourth-generation Charger debuted as the year 1975, the only available option is the Charger SE. The design was based on the Chrysler Cordoba, wheelbase was 2921 mm, body length is 5486 mm. 5.9 V8 engine 360 ​​generates 182hp (134 kW) and 393 Nm, V8 5.2 318 – 152hp (112 kW) and 346 Nm, 6.6 V8 400 and 192hp (142 kW) and 393 Nm. Installation was completed in 1978, was succeeded by a similar model Magnum.