• Chrysler Atlantic

The DaimlerChrysler North Atlantic Challenge (DCNAC) was a transatlantic race, which took place in June 2003.

The DCNAC In 2003 in two groups on 14 and 21 June 2003. The main draw started on 14 June 2003. The start line was off Newport (Rhode Iceland) U.S. in Rhode Iceland Sound, at historic Fort Adams. The regatta course about 3,600 nautical miles from the start led to a ton before the Nantucket Shoals and on to an imaginary track mark (Point Alpha), which was established as a safety point variable depending on the prevailing ice drift of the Labrador current, further over the Atlantic Ocean in a north arc around Scotland (including the island of Fair Isle) by the North Sea to the target in the Elbe estuary in the (Lighthouse Old Love) at Cuxhaven. The closure was from July 4 to 12, 2003 in Hamburg a maritime festival week on Kehrwiederspitze. The award ceremony was held in the City Hall.

Started were 63 yachts from twelve nations in different classes, it could also club teams consisting each formed from two yachts. For the regatta course most yachts took about three weeks. Were eligible to participate only ocean-going monohulls with a minimum hull length of 40 feet (approx. 12.20 meters). Not all participating sailboats crossed the finish in Cuxhaven. The skipper and her first watch captain had their offshore sailing experience (Blue-water) demonstrate. The race committee reserved the right to assess the suitability of the yachts themselves and if necessary, reassign back. 10 yachts participating gave up because of accidents, the yacht monsoon fell on 20 June 2003.

The reason for the regatta was the 100th anniversary of the Hamburg club navigation (HVS). Together with the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) organized the North German Regatta Verein (NRV) Hamburg this regatta.

In order to comply with the spirit and the objectives of the HVS, should be able to as large a number of sea-going yachts at Daimler Chrysler North Atlantic Challenge participate. One would wish to participate in both the sports-minded ships (Cruiser), the cruiser-racer and the pure racing yachts (Racer), as well as the historic yachts. For all classes there was sufficient messages.

(Owner: Klaus Murmann, Kiel) Thus, the maxi-yacht UCA has been specially designed and built for the participation in the DaimlerChrysler North Atlantic Challenge 2003. She reached the fastest goal in Cuxhaven, but was second only behind the Maxi Yacht Zafira on corrected time.

The next race of this kind was the HSH Nordbank blue race and found from 16 June 2007 with the launch off Newport (RI) instead.