• Chrysler Airstream

DeSoto Airstream – model car brand * DeSoto produced in 1935-1936. Simultaneously produced innovatively streamlined Airflow model, and Chrysler offered differing stylistic details model Chrysler Airflow.

The cause of the production model of Airstream with a more typical for decades silhouette was wrong to adopt advanced Airflow stylistically and drop the brand position in the market in 1934. New model was designed to complement the offer to the time of designing a new line in the 1937.Zrezygnowano so with self-supporting bodywork and integrated headlights fenders. The design of the car has already been deprived of wooden load-bearing elements, which are still at the other zdażało manufacturers. To drive served the same six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 93hp bolted to the frame via rubber pads, insulating passengers from vibrations transmitted from the engine. This conservatism in the design Airstreama, and the lower price of about $ 200 from the airflow, made the new DeSoto was successful. Sold 20,003 units Airstream model (compared to 6,797 units Airflow)

The 1936 model year introduced two trim levels – Standard and Custom. Deluxe had a one-piece windshield, and was equipped with a two-piece Custom, combined windows (except convertible). In addition, there is version Custom Traveller, with an extended wheelbase. They became popular in businesses that provide treatment for limousine and gave beginning DeSoto brand associations with industry taksówkowym. It was established 33 938 Airstreamów, and 5000 Airflowów.