• Cadillac Celebrity

The Celebrity was mid-size car produced by Chevrolet from 1982 to 1990.

The Celebrity, whose name was used for the first time dall’Oldsmobile in the sixties, was introduced in 1981 for model year 1982. The Celebrity was the best-selling model in the United States in 1986. Though produced in a single series, the Celebrity has been the subject of a facelift in 1984 and another in 1986, where they were revised front and rear lights. The last redesign was done in 1987, where composite headlights they replaced the split rectangular headlights.

The two-door coupe was taken off the market in 1988, while production of the four-door sedan ended July 7, 1989. Assembly instead of the familiar four-door was discontinued in 1990.

The Celebrity was based on the platform at the General Motors front-wheel drive, which he shared with the Buick Century, Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser and Pontiac 6000.

The Celebrity had installed the engine of the Pontiac model as stated above. Power steering, brake and automatic transmission was offered as an accessory to the series in 1982 and 1983; as a result of the automatic transmission became optional. In 1984 debuted the four-door family version and the Eurosport sports package, which included 14-inch wheels of the Sport Rally, an exhibition with tinted windows, a black steering wheel and F41 suspension. While the range engine for the Eurosport version was identical to that of the other Celebrity (except the diesel engine), the interiors of the models that were equipped with the sports package mentioned, were characterized by having red badges on the door panels and dashboard. Also present were the decorative strips on the bumpers of the doors, moldings and bumpers, as well as the red emblems on the wings and tail.

Another version was the Celebrity CL, which had wood inlays on the dash and steering wheel, padded seats and alloy wheels from the design to the diamond. The Celebrity Classic instead he had fixed rear windows, but it was equipped with a fake convertible top and power windows.

The four-cylinder in-line engine, "Tech IV" 2.5 L of displacement was criticized for being underpowered. In 1985, it was introduced among the options, a V6 engine with fuel injection. In 1986 it was taken off the offer the Diesel engine. The second generation of engines fitted, revised in 1987, the series had fuel injection and was equipped with an ignition system without a distributor. With the V6 engine was available five-speed Getrag manual transmission. Of the balance shafts were added in 1988 to the engine "Tech IV". The coupe version was removed from the market in model year 1988 and was replaced by the Beretta coupe. The four-cylinder engine gained 12hp later in the model year 1989. Unshared The Celebrity redesign of the roof and rear window deflector with the other models that were built on the same platform, because in 1989 the Chevrolet Lumina would replace the sedan version of Celebrity. Only the family remained in the list in the model year 1990. During the last year of production, the latter was equipped with a V6 3.1 L displacement and seatbelts fastened the doors, as on other similar models that shared the same floor.

The Celebrity was more spacious than the model it replaced, that is, of Malibu. The model was more spacious even more familiar version, since he returned to the configuration for 8 passengers, the station wagon was missing from General Motors since 1977. Moreover, the Celebrity had a better handling of the ancestor model. These cars rescued the unlucky patterns their ancestors, which were based on the X floor of General Motors. The Celebrity of 1982 that were equipping of the computerized control of the engine, due to the deterioration of the motor support, had vibration problems.

All Celebrity were available with two different measures of spacing of the wheel studs, 110 mm and 115 mm. The first bolts were used on the base model, which had not ventilated disc brakes, while the latter were associated with a ventilated high-performance brakes. The latter, however, were also available on the base model, many of which were purchased to be used as taxis or to become a part of corporate fleets.

In addition to Eurosport package, was available to set up a limited production, the Eurosport VR. The rare Celebrity who had supplied this package were produced from 1987 to 1988, and were available in four colors: red, silver, black and white. The cars were equipped with staging Eurosport VR of decals, and were available in 1987, only in sedan and familiar, while in 1988 he was also given the coupe. The models with set-up Eurosport VR products in 1987 possessed a unique interior. Were present at the red carpet, door panels in three colors, with reinforcements of separate seats and cup holders for rear passengers. In 1988, Eurosport VR did not receive the same treatment to the interior, as it would have been too expensive. The Eurosport VR of 1988 had an interior equipment similar to what you could find on Celebrity CL.

The Celebrity was offered with five-speed Getrag manual gearbox, automatic transmission and three or 4T60 3T40 four-speed. The model was assembled in Oshawa, in Oklahoma City, in Ramos Arizpe, in Framingham, in Sainte-Therese, in Valencia and in Bogotá.