• Bentley Mark VI

Bentley Mark VI – model passenger car production Bentley. This was the first model released after World War II link> world.

Made of 5 208 units of this model in various body styles. One of these copies was ordered by the French industrialist named Gadol in 1947, the car has been specifically equipped: seats, door trim, dashboard cover, and a clipboard behind the sofa are made from the skin of frogs Filipino. Rear seat passengers have at their disposal two clocks, barometer, compass and slope indicator. Auto did not have handles, the door opened using a special, hidden under the chrome inlay, leverage. After a few years it has undergone another surgery improved in the UK, and then sent back to Franay.





The car was repeatedly awarded at prestigious competitions of elegance. In 2006, Barrett-Jackson auction in Palm Beach, this car was auctioned for the sum of 1 728 000.