• Austin Marina

Morris Marina, also known as the Austin Marina, Leyland Marina (in Australia) and Morris 1700 – Morris car brand manufactured by British Leyland in the years 1971-1980.

Morris Marina, under the working name of the ADO 28, was created in order to save the company from bankruptcy British Leyland. This successor to the Minor has been prepared for the production during 18 months, and at the start of its production was allocated $ 100 million, with the majority of this amount was invested in the modernization of production facilities in Cowley. Marina was to be a convenient and cheap car middle class. Nullify the previous solutions used in Morris vehicles, including the front-wheel drive and hydraulic suspension. Conventional solutions have been used, as a motor disposed longitudinally in front of the driving rear axle. Initially the offer were engines with a capacity of 1.3 and 1.8 l Production began in April 1971. Despite the unflattering opinion of the automotive press (who complained Marina noise, discomfort and unsightly appearance of misconduct with a tendency to understeer ) the car was popular, and the hundred thousandth copy rolled off the assembly line in March 1972. In 1973 Morris Marina was the second best-selling car in the UK, the Ford Cortina. Two years later, the car was introduced minor modifications, such as new grille, dashboard, seats, suspension modifications and increased sound insulation. In 1977, he introduced the engine Diesel, and a year later a series of O, ie engine capacity of 1.7 liter production was completed in 1980.

The car was exported to the United States, Canada and South Africa under the name Austin Marina. As Morris in 1700 was sold in New Zealand, and the name Leyland Marina – in Australia. Only in Australia sold a vehicle with engines of 1.5 l and 1.75 l, and only in Australia and South Africa – with a 2.6 liter unit was also a car assembled in Australia and South Africa.