• Austin K2/Y Ambulance

The Austin K2/Y was a military ambulance built by British company Austin Motor Company for use during World War II. This vehicle was introduced in 1939 and remained in production until 1945.

The K2/Y was the most common British heavy ambulance during World War II; known as "Katie". It was used in all services. It could accommodate four stretchers or eight sitting patients. The body, known as the no. 2 Mk I/L was developed by the Royal Army Medical Corps and produced by Mann Egerton. The combination of truck/body was occasionally used as a van for other functions.

More than 13,000 units were produced in Austin Longbridge factory, where production was almost continuously from 1940 until the war ended.

This ambulance was the "star" of the film Ice-Cold in Alex produced in 1958 by John Mills.

The design of this ambulance was popular both in Britain and in Commonwealth countries and the United States