• Austin A40 Cambridge

The A40 Cambridge was dall’Austin car produced from 1954 to 1956 in 30,666 copies.

The car had a fairly rounded line as the contemporary A50 Cambridge, and the first units of the next A55 Cambridge. The last specimens of the latter and the A60 Cambridge possessed a rather different line, which was the work of Pininfarina. The Austin A40 Cambridge had a car body with a modern design that included integrated fenders and a grille that was developed for the entire width of the front. It was marketed in one version, four-door sedan.

A40 The name was later reused dall’Austin for the Austin A40 Farina, which was produced from 1958 to 1967, and that was neither acting nor the derivative of the A40 Cambridge. The name of Cambridge was instead used previously to set up a dell’Austin 10.

The engine, four-cylinder in-line overhead valves, had a displacement of 1.2 L. This power unit delivered 42 hp and was previously used on the A40 Somerset. The name of this engine of BMC, that is, the group that owned the trademark Austin, was the B-Series. The gearbox was a four speed, and was controlled by a lever mounted on the steering column. The suspensions were independent; were formed by the axle and coil springs wishbones, while the rear end were made of a rigid axle and a roll bar.