• Austin 1800 (ADO71)

The Austin 1800 Balanza was a car from the British car brand Austin. The name "Balanza" was used only for Mark I models were sold in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The car had mounted a transverse four-cylinder engine in the front. The content was 1798cc and a maximum power of 85hp at 5300 rpm.

The transmission consisted of a front wheel drive coupled to a fully synchronized four-speed gearbox with floor shift.

The wheels had all four independent suspensions, assisted front disc and rear drum brakes. The turning circle was 10.50 meters.

The length of the car was 19.4 m for a width of 1.69 m, the vehicle was 1.40 m high, and had a weight of 1190 pounds. The contents of the tank was 49 liters.

At the time the Austin Balanza 10,500 guilders.