• Austin 16 hp

The 16hp was dall’Austin car produced from 1945 to 1949 in 35 434 copies. Apart from the name, did not share anything with the previous year and almost the same name Austin 16.

While employed a new four-cylinder engine with 2,199 cm ³ displacement overhead valves, the 16hp had installed the same body pre-war dell’Austin 12, which continued to be produced together with the Austin 8 and all ‘ Austin 10. The abbreviation in the name of the 16hp model did not indicate the power inhp engine (in English "hp", meaning "horse power"), but the power of taxation, that is, the indicator for the payment of the charge of possession of vehicle. In fact, the vehicle’s engine, which was the first dell’Austin OHV unit, produced 67 hp at 3,800 revolutions per minute. The four-speed manual gearbox was.

The model shared many technical features with the 12/4 "Low Loader" Taxi, including the integrated system of hydraulic lifting acting thanks to a pump located under the bonnet. The 16hp was available with two bodies, four-door sedan and five-door family.

The 16hp had good performance for its time, and in fact could reach 121km/h top speed. During the harsh winter of 1947, Alan Hess and his team of pilots flew three Austin 16hp for advertising purposes on a journey, which lasted seven days, from seven capitals of Northern Europe. Despite the great difficulties due to heavy snowfall, the cars completed the adventure successfully.