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USS Austin (DE-15) – an American destroyer escort of World War II. Its construction started March 14, 1942 in the yard Mare Island Navy Yard as HMS "Blackwood" (BDE-15) to order the Royal Navy under the Lend-Lease agreement.

She was launched on 25 September 1942, sponsored by Mrs. WC Springer. The ship was taken over by the United States Navy on Jan. 25, 1943, and received a number DE-15. And commissioned on 13 February 1943, the first commander was Lt.. Comdr. H. G. Claudius, USNR. Destroyer probably entered service as a DE-15, and the name "Austin" is not allocated until Feb. 19, 1943, six days after the entry into service officially.

Patron of the ship was the Chief Carpenter John Arnold Austin (1905-1941), who was killed aboard the battleship USS "Oklahoma" (BB-37) during the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross.

Assigned to 14 Squadron escort (called Escort Division – CortDiv 14) she made an initial training near San Diego between March 23 and April 23. The next day went out to sea to escort a convoy to Cold Bay, Alaska. He returned to San Diego on May 11 and began performing escort missions between the U.S. west coast and Hawaii. Between mid-May and early September took two trips between San Diego and Oahu and one cruise of the western coast to Pearl Harbor. September 2 came out of the base and headed toward the Aleutians, where on September 14 joined the Alaskan Sea Frontier. For about a year "Austin" sailed the waters of the North Pacific escorting ships between the ports of Alaska, doing patrols, acting as a weather station ship-and aircraft serving as a guiding station.

She left Alaska on Sept. 23, 1944, came to San Francisco in California a week later. There has undergone review, which lasted until 17 November. December 3, once again sailed to Hawaii. Operated out of Pearl Harbor as a training ship with the Submarine Training Command, Pacific Fleet to 20 March 1945. Then went to the central Pacific. April 1, destroyer reported for duty in the armed allocated to the commander of advanced areas (and. Commander, Forward Areas) and for more than two months he patrols przeciwpodwodne and SAR missions from Ulithi Atoll in the Western Carolines. This allocation ended June 10, when the chosen course for the Marianas. For the next four months "Austin" operated out of Saipan and Guam. In addition to the SAR and ASW missions escorted convoys (including the Iwo Jima, and Okinawa, Eniwetok). When you pause the fighting in mid-August, carried out exploration missions on the northern Marianas searching for enemy outposts and crews downed B-29 Superfortress. She also operated in the area of ​​Truk Atoll before it came larger occupying force.

12 October she departed Guam in the company of other ships CortDiv 14 and headed for San Pedro, California, to deactivate. November 17 reported to the commander of the Western Sea Frontier in order to prepare the ship to withdraw from the service. Flag lowered on Dec. 21, 1945, and she was placed in Terminal Island Naval Shipyard. "Austin" was anchored in the framework of the Pacific Reserve Fleet until destruction. January 8, 1946 its name was struck from the naval registry. Shipyard completed the demolition of the destroyer escort January 9, 1947.

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