• Austin 10 hp

The 10hp was dall’Austin car produced from 1911 to 1915. Torpedo version was marketed in two or four seats.

Launched in 1911 as a mid-size model, had a side-valve engine and four-cylinder in-line 1,145cc displacement. The suspensions were crossbow. The frame weighed 533kg, and the model had a total of 1,410 mm wide. The length was instead of 3,302 mm, 2,438 mm and the pitch measured. After the commercialization of the first Austin 7, which was produced from 1909 to 1911, the 10hp car became the smallest of the range offered dall’Austin.

In 1913 the car was completely revised. Was lengthened to 3,734 mm and the pitch, as a result, was now between 2,515 mm and 2,819 mm. The engine was enlarged with increasing the bore to 76 mm, which brought the total displacement 1,615 cm ³.