• Alvis TB 14

The Alvis TA 14 was the first car, the Alvis brought out after the Second World War as a successor to the Model 12/70 1945.

The car had four-cylinder OHV in-line engine of the previous model, but with 1892cc and 65hp (48 kW). The separate chassis could be equipped with different structures, such as a 4-door sedan or 2-door convertible. The cars were built in the traditional pre-war style and had free-standing headlamps, sweeping fenders, running boards. The rigid axles front and rear wheels were on semi-elliptic leaf springs suspended. The top speed of about 129km depending on the construction/h 1950, the type TA 14 was discontinued in favor of the new six-cylinder models.

In 1948 one a roadster based on the model TA 14, the Alvis TB 14 out. He had strengthened the same machine as the TA 14, but at 68hp (50 kW). The body was much more modern than that of the sedan or convertible, and saw with their integrated headlamps and the kidney-shaped, wide grille not unlike the slightly later published Triumph TR2. In 1951, the Roadster has been replaced by a corresponding six-cylinder model.