• Alvis Saracen

FV603 Saracen – British szeÅ›ciokoÅ‚owy armored personnel carrier produced by plants in the years 1952 to 1972 Alvis.

The vehicle was developed in response to the demand for a series of new combat vehicles, including armored personnel carrier, reported by the British Army shortly after the end of World War II. The first prototype was produced in 1952, and in December of the same year, began mass production. Saracen has become the standard British Army armored personnel carrier, used, inter alia, during the conflict in Northern Ireland. In the 60s began the phasing out of the vehicle for a new FV432, but Saracen production for export was continued until 1972. Recent vehicles Saracen completed service in the British Army in 1993.

The motor vehicle is placed in front of the rear passenger compartment is located. The crew of the vehicle consists of two people – the driver and the shooter. Vehicle Weapons are two machine guns – one located in the tower (Browning caliber 7.62 mm), the second of the passenger compartment (7.7 mm caliber Bren and Browning).