• Alvis Saladin

FV601 Saladin – szeÅ›ciokoÅ‚owy British armored car produced by Alvis plants in the years 1958-1972.

In January 1946 the British Army reported the need for a new vehicle to replace the armored cars AEC and Daimler, used during World War II. According to the initial assumptions of the vehicle was to be armed with a gun 2-pound, in February 1948, however, it was decided to equip it with a larger gun caliber 76 mm. In 1953, two prototypes were built, labeled FV601 (A). In 1955 he founded six pre-production copies of FV601 (B), differing from the previous shape of the tower, optical devices and manholes. In 1958, he started serial production of the vehicle, which a year later was taken to the service. Until the end of production in 1972 was completed in 1177 copies.

After the withdrawal of Saladin armored cars from service in the British Army in their place FV101 Scorpion light tanks.

FV601 Saladin armored car is divided into three compartments – directing the front, fighting in the middle and back of the engine. Vehicle crew consists of three people – a driver, gunner and commander, acting the role of the loader. Weapons vehicle is L5-caliber gun and two 76 mm machine guns L3A3/L3A4 7.62 mm – one coupled with cannon, the other fixed at the hatch command.