• Alvis FV101 Scorpion

FV101 Scorpion – British light reconnaissance tank, belonging to the family of vehicles CVR (T), developed by the company Alvis in the early 70s.

In September of 1967 years Alvis received from the British Army contract to build 17 copies of a new vehicle prototype reconnaissance. The first of these was completed in January 1969. In May of 1970 years, the British Army decided to adopt the vehicle to the service request filed in October, the Belgian army. The first shipment of tanks for the British Army Scorpion took place in January 1972, a year later, the first vehicles went to Belgium.

In subsequent years, the vehicles were purchased by the armies of several other countries, as well as the British Royal Air Force.

These vehicles served in the British Army until 1993. Production Scorpion tanks for export lasted at least until the second half of the 90s Throughout this period were produced over 3,000 copies of the tank, with about 1,500 of which were used by the British army.

These tanks was attended, among others, in the Iran-Iraq War, the Falklands War and the first Gulf War.

The tank is divided into three compartments – the front part of the vehicle are in the driver’s compartment (left) and motor (right), the back is a compartment fire. Vehicle crew consists of three people – a driver, gunner and commander. Arming the vehicle is a 76-mm cannon L23A1 and coupled with her machine gun L43A1 7.62 mm. Part of the export vehicles had a gun caliber 90 mm and an additional machine gun mounted at commander hatch. In the vehicle’s security system ABC.

Tanks, g is suitable for transport on board an aircraft, the C-130 Hercules.