• Ford Taunus

Ford Taunus Ford car model. The start its production this year and 1939. First model to Taunus G93A for media storage 1172cm?. The last model is the Taunus TC III produced in 1979-1982.

Taunus G93A, popularly known as “Buckeltaunus” or “humpbacked Taunus” to Two-door Limousine of bodyshells totally a steel, construction semi self-supporting football (welded frame platform with the rest of the body). 4-cylinder engine, Governmental, petrol, four-stroke, dolnozaworowy of media storage and power 1172cm? max. 34 HP (power standing and 30hp). Suspensions dependent Half with transverse leaf springs. Speed traveling at 85km/h, temporarily limit 105km/h Produced in the years 1939-1942. In produced 7092 pieces to keep up with the world less than 10 efficient units.

After the war, Ford restart plants in Cologne production This model, with minor design changes. Produced in 1949-1951, had Taunus marking inside exterior G73A. This model occur Serious Standard, Spezial and de Luxe, late in the copies (in addition to the Standard version) was used changed dummies front. Model postwar occur Serious equally in the 4-door body, as a combo van and convertible.

The end of years sixties’s All Ford models produced by the plant in Germany wear s name Taunus dating c from the name of a chain g??rskiego in Germany, and so produced Taunusy 12 M, 15 M, 17 M, 20 M, 26 M, where the taller the number, the higher lower class car (12 M is the predecessor model, escort, and 26 M Granada I).